Hackaday Podcast 177: Microscopes, Telescopes, Telephonoscopes, And A Keyboardoscope?

This week, Editor-in-Chief Elliot Williams and Assignments Editor Kristina Panos stood around talking like they weren’t thousands of miles apart. And we mean that literally: Kristina just got an up/down desk, and it turns out that Elliot’s had the exact same one for years.

Kristina’s phone is heavier than yours.

In between the hammerings on Kristina’s house (she’s getting new siding), we kick things off by drooling over the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope, and compare a few of them to the same shots from Hubble.

We managed to save a bit of saliva for all the seriously swell keyboards and not-keyboards we saw throughout the Odd Inputs and Peculiar Peripherals contest, all of which are winners in our book.

This week, we ask the tough questions, like why would someone who has never played guitar want to build one from scratch? We can only guess that the answer is simply, ‘because l can’. As lazy as that reasoning may sound, this build is anything but.

Later on, we’ll ogle an ocean of PS/2 keyboards and their new owner’s portable testing rig, complain about ASMR, and laugh about a giant nose that sneezes out sanitizer.

Direct download. And burn it to CD-RW!

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Episode 177 Show Notes:


What’s that Sound?

  • If you think you know the answer to this week’s challenge, let us know!
  • Bonus: Kristina is getting new siding put on the house

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One thought on “Hackaday Podcast 177: Microscopes, Telescopes, Telephonoscopes, And A Keyboardoscope?

  1. “Direct Download: and burn it to CD-RW”. Nope, but I will download it to my MP3 player. Saves phone battery*, better anonymity on PC than phone, etc.

    One rechargeable AAA is more than enough for a work day.

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