Hackaday Podcast 183: Stowaway Science, Cold Basements, And Warm Beers

This week, Editor-in-Chief Elliot Williams and Assignments Editor Kristina Panos met up on a secret server to discuss the cream of this week’s crop of hacks. After gushing about the first-ever Kansas City Keyboard Meetup coming up tomorrow — Saturday the 27th, we start off by considering the considerable engineering challenge of building a knife-throwing machine, the logistics of live-streaming on the go, and the thermodynamics of split-level homes.

This week, Kristina came up with the What’s-That-Sound and managed to stump Elliot for a while, though he did eventually guess correctly after the tape stopped rolling. Think you know what it is? Then fill out the form and you’ll earn the chance to win a genuine Hackaday Podcast t-shirt!

Later in the show, we look at a macro pad that breaks the mold, an ASCII terminal like it’s 1974, and a Z80 that never was (but definitely could have been). Stick around as we root for the CubeSats hitching a ride aboard Artemis I, and at last call on the ‘cast, it’s lagers vs. ales (vs. ciders).

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What’s that Sound?

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8 thoughts on “Hackaday Podcast 183: Stowaway Science, Cold Basements, And Warm Beers

  1. Update on the scorching split-level problem at Casa de Panos: we had an HVAC salesman out this morning to discuss the problem. It turns out that that when they knocked down the wall dividing the living room from the front room during the renovation that took place before we bought it, they took out three return vents and didn’t account for that at all. Also, the return vent up in my attic office pulls no air at all because it’s blocked with insulation, but it’s also a couple inches off the chase or something.

    1. Bummer!
      But, least now something can be done about it.

      Don’t even think that little setback excuses you from reporting on the KC Keyboard Convention (KCKC).

  2. Haven’t had a chance, yet, to listen to this one but wanted to say thanks again for all the hard work that Elliot, Kristina, Dan, Tom, and all the others put into this weekly podcast. On a recent trip to Texas involving a total of over 35 hours of round trip driving, I caught up on about 15-20 of these podcasts! It was a total geek-out and God bless my wife for not minding my playing all of those episodes back to back! :-)

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