Hackaday Links


well what else would i have for you besides a fresh box of links?

i know it’s a monday, but we all need to just shut up and wake up [Kristina]
perhaps some coffee would help?

looks like it was only a matter of time before someone got an IRC client on the PSP
some guy is claiming he shoved 500 old school games into some thing that you put on your PSP memory stick, but we’ll see.

this man is determined to pet his chicken over the net [thx WMMNA]

with a little python fun, turn your blog into a gopher site
Mod a Nerf Gun into an NES Light Gun
hell, why not. make your own nerf rifle
who doesn’t want hi-def colecovision?
have a cold one at your pc easily

and of course, modding that xbox jewel never gets old

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Sneaker Power

sneaker power

just think about how much energy you waste when you pound your heels into the ground while walking or jogging.  you exert a lot of effort fighting gravity to lift your foot and body from the ground, only to let gravity take over, allowing your body to fall forward onto your heel again and wear another layer from the sole of your sneaker.

the kind folks at the mit media lab decided to do something about this.  by placing a piezoelectric element or a rotary magnetic generator into the heel of your shoe, you can effectively recycle some of your strut and use it for a mobile device.

it’s like regenerative braking for your feet.

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