hackaday links


Hi readers. I’m going to keep this short today and hope to make up with it tomorrow if I’m better. I’ve gotten very sick and typing is becoming hard. So thanks for bearing with me.

Also, the guy commenting on Cedar Point yesterday, priceless. And did my Guinness popsicle link get removed last night so it could go up as a feature article? Please let me know about that one…

the scooter with the office chair [trilly]
make chloroform responsibly (key word right there) [jason]

holy christ. someone turned a dead frog into a server (not for faint of heart or the dude complaining about furs) thanks [wetsmellydog]

very cool WEP cracking video done in linux. (flash based movie players suck though) [je]
throw half-life 2 characters into photos

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