Lumenlab’s New Kit: Open Source CNC

Imagine our surprise when we stumbled on the latest Lumenlab project: gantry style CNC. Until now the only time we ever invoked their name was for DIY projectors. The kit looks pretty interesting, and they’re taking pre-orders right now. It’s designed for a full sized router and you should be able to cut a 4′ by 8′ sheet with a feed roll. Even without, the cutting area is a large 26″ by 50″ and features 8″ of Z movement. Between their kit and an order from Online Metals, they’re projecting that you can build your own for around $1000. We’re definitely in when the final kit is released in June.

12 thoughts on “Lumenlab’s New Kit: Open Source CNC

  1. Nothing very impressive…
    The only remarkable point is that there’s a website with (quite) well structured informations.
    Rather a “résumé” of cnczone’s forum posts on tutos and worklogs.

  2. is there any thing that can turn a picture into m codes i believe it is wait maybe it is g codes i cant remember what ever it is it has to come out as a .mc9 file and work with a divinci mill we have been trying to figure out how to do that for like 2 years now at school and the teacher knows less about the mills then us as students and we have learned it all of the web and from messing with it srry this is a little un related just wondering if anyone knows how

  3. I wish I knew what the littler slide like looking things were.
    Why is this open source hardware I do not see partslists or plans for the roblock.

    great place for info the forum is a little weird to get replies on. is a great supplier.

    linuxcnc has some cool software and
    reprap uses a arduino cnc controler using usb not printer port.

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