Homemade Tube Screamer Clone

[jonboytang] documented his construction of a clone of the famous Tube Screamer overdrive pedal from a set of plans found at tonepad. The tonepad site says you can use the plans to build either a TS-9 or a TS-808, both of which have been classic staples in every guitar player’s setup since the 70s. Although the old parts are no longer available, these new variants still have a really nice sound.

This project is really just a look into [jonboytang]’s etching and enclosure building process, but it may be useful for someone. The build and the circuit look really simple so this would be a great project for guitar players looking to learn how to etch their own PCBs. If you need more information on etching, we would suggest starting out by reading our How-To on etching single sided PCBs. If you are lazy and would rather spend a little money, check out tonepad’s online store. They have a board for this project and many others.

5 thoughts on “Homemade Tube Screamer Clone

  1. I think I may make the Big Muff Pi my first real electronics project (the other ones have been ugly kludges). My band used it back in the 90’s in the studio and it had a nice distortion/fuzz sound.

  2. In my opinion, this is the best post in a while. The links there are great and will keep me entertained for a long time. I’ve been looking for DIY pedal resources but never really found anything useful. This is definitely bookmarked. Thanks

  3. The TS9 is one of my favorite pedals, can’t wait to hear how this sounds compared to the original. Planning on building this and comparing to my stock Ibanez tube screamer.

    Wish I had a scope so I could compare the clipping of the respective pedals.

    Thank you Hack-a-day.

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