Arduino Duemilanove

The latest generation of Arduino hardware has been released. The Arduino Duemilanove (2009 in Italian) has the same form factor as previous generations. The specs are essentially identical to the Diecimila, but there have been a few changes to the hardware. The power source is no longer chosen using a jumper. A MOSFET and dual OPAMP have been added to the board to automatically selected between USB power and the external plug. Automatic hardware resets are optional now. Next to the USB port are two solder pads labeled RESET-EN. Cut the trace between them to kill the reset. If you ever want it back, just bridge the pads. The hardware was updated to correspond with the release of Arduino cofounder [Massimo Banzi]’s new book.

7 thoughts on “Arduino Duemilanove

  1. What I don’t get is why the non-standard spacing between the two stripes of digital pins … Makes using prototype boards for shields a real pain in the rear end.

    Oh well, guess its too late for ’em to review this aspect of the design.

    Other than that, I looooove me ‘duinos :)

  2. A couple of shops have the new Arduino on their price lists, and it LOOKS like it’s going to come in a couple dollars cheaper than the Diecimila. I’m not overly enthusiastic about the update in general (guess: it was supposed to have a 328, but 328s aren’t available enough yet), but at least the price is moving in a good direction (for a change.)

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