Things To Hack: Sub 100$ Toy Night Vision, Projector, And Tv Game


Ars Technica writes about three new toys coming out this year: a sub 100$ projector, tv game, and night vision goggles. The projector runs at standard TV resolution, takes standard composite in, and outputs an okay picture. The night vision goggles are monocular but focus both eyes on a single RGB LCD. The goggles uses an array of IR LEDs instead of amplifying ambient light to see in the dark. Lastly, they have a standalone implementation of the arcade game Big Game Hunters. The rifle uses a sensor bar to do the motion tracking and features a 32MB rom to hold the game files.

14 thoughts on “Things To Hack: Sub 100$ Toy Night Vision, Projector, And Tv Game

  1. $60 night vision toy? for that price they can only be using a CMOS camera, replacing it with a CCD camera and adding a belt battery pack should be the first ‘upgrade’ so you can see much more in the darkness for a longer time. Perhaps a dozen super bright IR LEDs added into the existing ones for good measure.

    I do like the look of that projector, I just hope it can accept a PAL video input or it’s no good to me.

  2. I love the review, the Night vision toy is good for a night paintball romp..

    Yeah, you and your buddies have high power IR beacons, get several, give some to your buddies and disablet he IR on yours, shoot at the bright lights you see.

    with real light amplification monocles available for under $100.00 why buy a crappy ccd camera and IR led source toy?

  3. It’s worth pointing out that with an AC adapter or a Li-Ion battery pack, the Eyeclops projector will make a much smaller package. Connect everything to a belt-loop battery pack and you can have 320×200 projection FPS action coming off the end of your gun. Of course, if you’re playing FPS games in near absolute darkness, why not splurge $300 and get an SVGA projector in the same package size?

    I’m waiting for someone to merge an iphone into the whole kit and have a stand-alone projection FPS with 3G multiplayer.

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