Autogiro POV Nostalgia

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This bit of nostalgia really caught our attention. A german hacker or “inventor” as we were called back then, came up with this interesting concept. He would project an image on to the moving blades of an Autogiro, relying on the POV effect to make it appear complete. While this is not the same system of utilizing POV that we currently use, it relies on the same principles. It looks like he’s hanging the projector or “magic lantern” from below the Autogiro, using the length of the rope to hang it as a focusing system. Were this to have actually gone into production, it probably would have really freaked people out. If only he had had access to something along the lines of the ceiling fan POV system.

[thanks itay]

[update: Why didn’t we look around for this earlier. It was brought up in the comments, there is in fact a POV system for R/C helis. (translated)]

11 thoughts on “Autogiro POV Nostalgia

  1. Ah, but what you have to realize Caleb, is that if they were to mount devices to the propellers, it probably wouldn’t fly/would fly off balance.

    Remember that Mythbusters episode where they tested to see if something the size of a stamp would fuck up a helicopter in the air. Obviously it never did, but I imagine even 0.5lbs of battery/PCB/LEDS at the end of the blades would screw with it. Mayhaps if it were built INTO the blades and EACH blade had the same amount of drag and added weight.

    //Rant Over//

  2. A helicopter to server as a night advertisement display ?! Anyone wanna try sleeping with a helicopters showing ads flying around at low altitude at his neighborhood ? I’d say a noise would be a bit of an annoyance here :-)

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