Peering In A The A4, The IPad’s Brain

Sure, tearing down devices to see what components are in there is fun. But tearing down the components themselves is even more fun. iFixit sent off their iPad guts to be laid bare after they were done with their iPad teardown. We’ve seen pictures of stripped chips in the past, but the work that Chipworks is doing for iFixit is quite amazing. Get the skinny on just about every part in there from the package markings and the die photos provided in their analysis.

The iPad has already been rooted, but you never know what power can be unlocked if you know what you’re working with. We’re thinking of the 50MHz to 100Mhz oscilloscope hack.

11 thoughts on “Peering In A The A4, The IPad’s Brain

  1. ^Yea, a week before it was even released, due to an unrevealed exploit in the similar iPhone/iPod firmware. The exploit still hasn’t been released to the public, as it is sure to be patched in the firmware immediately upon revelation…

  2. “The exploit still hasn’t been released to the public, as it is sure to be patched in the firmware immediately upon revelation…”

    I hate it when people do that, its forever happening on the psp “look I cracked a go, but offer nothing more than a fuzzy celphone pic and a 10 second video, most importantly YOU CANT HAVE IT!”

    every time I hear that I have to wonder if its real or just some wannabe BS

  3. I know from experience that if you (somewhat) hacked something and you really like it for yourself you better not release it, else it will be ‘fixed’ and nobody will have anything, although there are instances where it’s just a possibility there are other cases where it’s a certainty, and if it is certain I can understand sitting on it and only sharing with one or two people you previously tested for trustworthiness.

    On the other hand you know there are a lot of bullshitters out there too that claim things that are not true.

  4. the people who DO, and only want to share with a very select group of people do not end up on slashdot the same day

    if they are true its really silly to rub our noses in it, if its not true thats when you post a fuzzy pic and go running off to the internets bragging

  5. : This is perhaps the perfect reason _TO_ sit on an exploit. The iPod touch, and iPhones are already rooted jailbroken easily (with prerequisites on the firmware I believe). But here, the work they already did applies to the newcomer also.

    I believe there was similar events with the wii reversing. You keep the exploit you like, and use it to find other, harder to remove sploits. You don’t want to have your entrance patched up before your package arrives.

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