Printable mecanum wheel

[Zaggo] developed a printable mecanum wheel. These are designed to allow a wheeled vehicle to move in any direction. He uses parts printed with a Makerbot along with commonly available bearings, bolts, washers, and nuts. Download the STL files need for printing and watch the assembly video after the break. We’ve also included a clip of an unrelated robot project using mecanum wheels so you can see what [Zaggo] will have once he fabricates the rest of the of the wheels.[youtube=]

[Zaggo’s] assembly process.


This robot is unrelated to the project. We’ve posted it as example of mecanum wheels in use.

18 thoughts on “Printable mecanum wheel

  1. My FIRST robotics team had these on our robot my senior year. I was the driver; it was FUN. ;) my favorite part about them is that the forward bias of mecanum wheels makes them great for driving forward efficiently but you still had the freedom to pretend you were drifting around corners lol

  2. I really need to get a 3D printer. Cheap, useful parts, made right in my home workshop, would be amazing.

    I’ve been thinking about building one for a while, but, parts for the printer itself are still expensive.

  3. Looks cool and lord knows making these wheels is a quite a task. However, and not to take away from what’s been done, the rollers on mecanum wheels take a lot of lateral stress. I have my doubts that the printable material is tough enough to take it. Perhaps if the weight is kept to an absolute minimum (chasis, battery, motors, electronics < 1 kilo), you might get by for a while.

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