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After seeing Toy Story [Will Gorman’s] son wanted to play the Crane Game. Rather than hanging out in the lobby of the pizza parlor, [Will] built one at home using Lego. The skill crane as he calls it has a large gantry to travel over the top of the treasure box. The claw can move side to side on the gantry, dropping for a chance at some loot once it’s in the right place. See a successful run in the video after the break and if you can’t help yourself, there’s build instructions that will have you up and running in no time. But you don’t have to build it out of Lego, sometimes you just need some junk to pull one of these together.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_DFsHLyQno]

9 thoughts on “Home Claw Game Delights The Little Ones

  1. There’s a claw machine in some bar in LA where you try to pick live lobsters out of a saltwater tank. If you manage to grab one, they cook it up for you. Talk about playing with your food…

  2. In commercial claw games, you can set the pressure used on the hook to make the game more difficult or more easy for the user. Wouldn’t be a bad idea for this to be added so the kid can get some practice.

    Overall though, great job.

  3. That kid has a lot of self control not to just reach in there and move the things around to get a better grip.

    Like a previous poster said, the only thing missing here is having it return to the start position and open the claw after it grabs something. Though I can see how that would be difficult with the current build, as I don’t see any way for the software to see the coordinates of the claw or determine when/if it is hitting the limits of travel.

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