Dodecapod To Offset Segway As Futuristic Transport

Who doesn’t love a 12-legged robot, especially if you can ride it around work? You can watch this one running around the patio with rider perched atop it. The machine translation is a bit crude, but it seem this is based on the wicked walking sculptures of [Theo Jansen]. The rider can shift their center of gravity to control the walker, much like a Segway. We’d bet this makes for a rough ride on anything but a smooth level surface, but we’re fine with indoor use only. After all, you’ll need to be close to a charging station as this boasts 45 minutes of juice when transporting a 165 pound operator. See it scurry after the break.


[via Neatorama and PopSci]

35 thoughts on “Dodecapod To Offset Segway As Futuristic Transport

  1. I think it would probably be better as a transporter for heavy stuff rather than a people carrier. It’s slower than actually walking, but it could save you from having to carry a bag of concrete or something out on the job.

  2. You wanna make it truly impressive? Scale it up and make a walking throne. Even the Demon Headmaster would be jealous! In all seriousness though, the wheelchair is in dire need of advancement…

  3. Yes, I see this as a rough terrain dolly with really impressive carrying capacity. The high-stepping gait could deal with random terrain better than most designs I’ve seen. I think this thing could go most of the places an ATV can with a much smaller vehicle.

  4. I move pianos. Humm ? I think it can’t do stairs. If it goes over a stone all the pressure goes on that one foot, link, crank, ouch.
    Put soft rollers on the feet, back rubs anyone!

  5. hmmmm…another clever idea would be to just walk with your feet you lazy bastard! :P

    aside from the above it’s a cool machine and congrats for the execution and complication, but too noisy and too slow for it to have a selling point…

  6. For all you haters out there; this is a great idea in its beginning stages. Like others, I can see a heavy material transporter or an advanced mover for people that have lost the use of their legs (ie Veterans, para & quadraplegics). Does it need some work? Sure, but instead of tearing down somebody that put the time and effort to build the prototype, do something better! But of course not, you haters would rather play games on your computers.

  7. what does this do that wheeled transport cannot?
    I understand the point of something like big dog, since that is geared towards practical terrain coverage
    but this seems to be literally a step backwards?

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