This Animatronic Horus Guard Mask Is So Good, Even Anubis Would Be Fooled


[Jerome Kelty] is a big fan of the movie Stargate, and when he saw it for the first time, he wanted one of the awesome helmets worn by the Horus Guards. This isn’t the kind of thing you would normally find at your local costume shop, so he knew that he would have to build one of his own. After rejecting multiple designs over the years, he finally came up with a solution that he thought would work well.

His Horus Guard helmet was constructed primarily out of cardstock, papier-mâché, spray foam, and spackle. Don’t let that list of materials give you the wrong idea about this helmet however – it looks absolutely amazing!

Not only does it look good, but it moves just like the guard’s helmets in the movie too. To control the helmet’s movements [Jerome] used an Arduino animatronics setup he designed, which we’ve seen before in his slick Predator build from last year. The Arduino controls a set of 5 servos, which are tasked with turning the helmet’s head and actuating the fans mounted on either side.

Stick around to see a short video of the mask in action, and if you’re thinking of building one yourself, be sure to check out his writeup for a very thorough BoM.


32 thoughts on “This Animatronic Horus Guard Mask Is So Good, Even Anubis Would Be Fooled

  1. Nerd boner. I’ve seen another similar build to this but it wasn’t as crisp as this one, especially the movement. Very nicely done.

    I miss SG-1 ;(

    And to not be out-nerded by John: Shal kek nem ron!

  2. I’ve always loved the Original Movie Horus Guard Helmet, way better then the TV series version. The Movie Ver. looks like the Pyramid Hieroglyphics come too life, not someone with a bucket on there head.

    Interesting tidbit When Anubis was on the TV series, they did bring back this cool helmet for his guards, otherwise it was not in the SG1 universe.

    Stupid Bucket Heads___

    1. Aside from being a technical pain, as I recall the actors really disliked wearing the helmet rigs (Chris Judge used to joke that every time he showed up late/messed up, they would write him into that outfit for the next episode.)

      Still, I think they explained that in the plot as being an affectation strictly for Ra’s Jaffa.


      1. I started watching the series. It was a lot of fun at first, but by mid season two I needed a break. Extremely predictable plotlines, shallow characters, and serious cheese. I took a break and re-watched Firefly. I already loved Firefly, but after watching SG1 and then watching Firefly again…. Holy hell SG1 was bad! How did Firefly only get one season, while SG1 got like nine seasons and TWO more spinoff series’. The acting, the plots, the characters – all 100x better in Firefly. I can’t even watch SG1 anymore.

    1. I’ve seen every episode of SG-1 at least 3-4 times, take that as a recommendation or ammo for making fun of me, either works.

      (and yes, it is cheesy but like Will said, it’s FUN cheese. They were never afraid to make fun of themselves. I think Richard Dean Andersson (frickin MacGyver!) had a big part in that.)

    2. The series makes a little more sense if you’ve seen the movie first, but do be sure to watch the movie first. You’ll enjoy it more that way.

      The series is way better. Richard Dean Anderson > Kurt Russel any day of the week, and that’s before even bringing up the other members of SG1.

  3. Cheesy compared to what? Star Trek? Star Wars? Or Lord of the Cheese? All sci-fi that makes us feel good is cheesy! I welcome it with open arms, and would kill to watch it with this helmet on!

    “I created your civilization, and now I will destroy it!”

    1. I think half of what makes the series great is that they deliberately made the Go’auld cheesy, and then let O’Niell deconstruct them relentlessly.

      “You ended that sentence in a preposition! You MONSTER!”

  4. love the helmet – would love to see a complete set of armor.

    SG1 is by far the best sci-fi series of all time, oh and @Taylor Alexander – it was 3 spinoffs, you forgot Stargate Infinity, the cartoon series.

  5. ..That Anubis would be fooled?… well it makes sense, but these are Horus guards so wouldn’t it be “That Horus would be fooled”.

    I know Anubis is better known than Horus, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a God.

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