Snowboard Goggle HUD Displays Critical Data While Falling Down A Mountain


[Chris] has been hard at work building a Heads Up Display into some Snowboarding goggles. We’re used to seeing the components that went into the project, but the application is unexpected. His own warning that the display is too close to your face and could cause injury if you were to fall highlights the impractical nature of the build. But hey, you’ve got to start somewhere when it comes to prototyping. Perhaps the next iteration will be something safe to use.

A set of MyVu glasses were added to the top portion of the goggles, which lets the wearer view the LCD output by looking slightly up. The display is fed by a Raspberry Pi board which connects to a GPS module, all of which is powered by a USB backup battery. In the video after the break you can see that the display shows time of day, speed, altitude, and temperature (although he hasn’t got a temperature sensor hooked up just yet). His bill of materials puts the project cost at about £160 which is just less that $250.

17 thoughts on “Snowboard Goggle HUD Displays Critical Data While Falling Down A Mountain

  1. Er, you can’t really call it a Heads Up Display if it causes you to actually look away like this does, even if it is mounted on your head.

    I suppose it could be said I’m being picky, but the point of HUD’s is to project the information directly in your desired line of sight (ie, looking where you are going), so as to “keep your head up” and not look at the instruments.

    That all said, the idea of going boarding and having some nice data telling you speed and heading is pretty awesome and I think to take this project to it’s next step you’d really need to look at projecting the data onto the actual goggle lense itself.

    1. And he could have without a color display. several small surface mount RGB LED’s along that same area could easily give you the same information. 5 led’s in red are your speed. Sorry but you dont need to know you are doing 51.4876Kph but knowing that you are around 50kph is fine.

      I Have a HUD in my motorcycle helmet that works like this. 5 LED’s across the top over my left eye for generic info such as speed they all turn green when at the posted limit for the highway Red for Over speed and amber for under speed. Blinking for other information such as turn signal is on, or low fuel. Lastly two amber led’s on the left and right that are my “Another idiot in a SUV is coming into your lane on this side” warning lights with beeper

  2. This is commonly referred to as a HDD or Heads Down Display. The information is near your field of vision but you still have to look away to access it vs. a HUD where the information is in your field of vision aka right in front of you.

  3. There are much cleaner versions of this, If someone could make one of these based off gps data that could mount on sunglasses for a motorcycle helmet or be able to fit inside, which could display mph, distance, and time, and maybe even track the data, they would make a lot of money.

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