Home Theater, Tribute To A Friend

The Greg Williams Theater

Ever since purchasing this house, [Ed] Always wanted a to turn his living room into a home theater, but not just any old projector and a white wall would do. He wanted the whole experience. [Ed] Started with a slightly damaged 12′ wide 4:3 roll up projector screen, he removed the damaged bottom portion and built a static frame to support the now 16:9 screen. Before he could mount the screen, he needed to drywall over a window that was inconveniently located. With the screen now in place, [Ed] framed out the elevated seating platform and steps with some 2×12 topped off with plywood. Next, the carpet that was sitting directly below the platform and steps was removed and then secured on top. Down firing LED fixtures were installed in the steps, to give them that movie theater look and feel. To provide the image, a refurbished HD projector acquired from the Bay of Electronics, was installed in the loft above the living room.

With the theater functional, [Ed] turned his attention to theater decorations. Dimmable ambiance lighting fixtures, using laser cut acrylic and CNC routed starboard (a marine-grade polymer), were made to resemble a film strip. Next a coffee table was crafted out of an equipment road case filled with movie props. Studio logos were painted on the sides with the use of laser cut stencils, and with a glass top, gives the illusion it came off the set of a hollywood movie. The addition of a rebuilt movie poster marquee, movie posters, candy stand, pop corn machine, and with the existing soda fountain and the arcade in the loft, the home theater was almost complete.

In a fitting tribute, [Ed] designed and built a marquee sign to dedicate and name the theater after his cousin Greg, one of his closest friends and avid movie watcher, who had sadly passed away. Video overview of all the hard work after the break.

His next step is an upgraded to the sound system, perhaps we can provide some ideas like building a tube amp for the sound, or going crazy with an unparalleled personal bass rig.

12 thoughts on “Home Theater, Tribute To A Friend

    1. Who designated you as the one who gets to define what a normal life is?

      “Normal” varies by location, religion, culture, vocation, education, life experience, and personal tastes. Why in the world would you think that your definition of a normal life would actually be considered normal by anyone but you?

      1. There is no such ting as a “normal” person, except in very narrow fields.

        My personal preference is against nailing random stuff to the walls, everything else about the project is great though.

  1. Well. Most of this thread is dominated by a comment thread that is full of clutter. And that’s too bad, really.

    Anyways, This project is incredibly kick ass. I was really surprised to see such a quality build with parts right off the shelf. I am a huge fan of home theater and your home theater is just awesome. Way to go on the kick ass theater room.

  2. I asked him on his site the size of things. He wasn’t sure about room dimensions but said the platform was 12′ by 5′. My guess is his room is 18′ wide. Unfortunately my living room is closer to 10′ wide otherwise I’d be building a similar setup

  3. This goes beyond awesome. Here I thought me adding a beer tap to my living room was nifty, now filled with more ideas that will problem have me without the female companionship for awhile until I can find one that would live with my insanity.

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