EDC CONTEST ROUNDUP: Musician’s Assistant AND BitMasher!

We’re getting all sorts of entries in the Trinket Everyday Carry Contest! Today we’re featuring just a couple of the awesome entries dedicated to creating music!

ma[johnowhitaker] is hard at work on A Musician’s Assistant. [John] is creating a device that does anything a practicing musician might need on the go. The Musician’s Assistant will include a metronome, tap/temp counter, and tuner. He’s hoping to also give it the ability to play back arbitrary notes using the Pro Trinket’s on-board ATmega328. [John] is trying to do all this with just LEDs and buttons as a user interface, though he is willing to go to an LCD or OLED if he needs to.

masher[Michele Perla] is working on BitMasher, portable lo-fi music sequencer. The BitMasher will allow a musician on the go to create music anywhere. [Michele] began with a SID based sequencer in mind, but he’s currently trying to do it all on the Pro Trinket. He’s already got [Roman’s] BTc Sound Compression Algorithm working on an Arduino Leonardo. Lo-Fi for sure, but that’s what makes BitMasher fun! [Michele] envisions the song entry to be similar to that of the classic Roland TR-808.  The primary user interface will be an Adafruit Trellis 4×4 button+LED driver board.

Don’t forget that our second random drawing will be held on Tuesday, December 9th, at 9pm EST.  To be eligible you need to submit your project as an official entry and publish at least one project log during the week. This week’s prize is a Cordwood Puzzle from The Hackaday Store. Check out the contest page for the full details!

3 thoughts on “EDC CONTEST ROUNDUP: Musician’s Assistant AND BitMasher!

  1. Loved this project johnowhitaker! Keep on with the good work!

    I started a project that would turnout to be called not a ‘stratocaster’ nor a ‘telecaster’ but a ‘broadcaster guitar’… as it broadcasts FM as well as it outputs it’s own audio trough a built-in RUBY-STYLE amp attached to a small 8W speaker, which is also stuffed into the guitar’s body ( i, later on, found out there was a guitar named TERMINATOR that also has a preamplified built-in speaker… i thought I was the first one to think of it :P ..my bad). The guitar can broadcast for about 50m with decent quality, and it totally rocks when we go out to the beach at night and tune all the car-stereos to listen to the guitar. A friend of mine asked me if I could add some effects, so I rearranged the circuits and added a few more buttons and pots, and of course i had to put a microphone jack ( to sing along =D ). I’ve had a lot of fun tinkering,building, and playing it, and now it’s time to pass on this artifact to my son, he’s 5, think he’ll like it for a Xmas present.

    I tried to use a Bluetooth transceiver at first, but i couldn’t get around the analog->digital conversion, the sound quality was crappy and the LAG…terrible!!! more than 2 seconds =/ if any of you know a solution for this, I’d be very happy to hear it from you.

    analog is fun, but digital’s almost limitless!!

    Merry Xmas everyone.
    If anyone’s interested in the schematics, you can mail me to “ISleepNot@Gmail.”

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