Tank Track Motorcycle Goes Anywhere, Slowly

There are just somethings you don’t see often when it comes to motorcycles, 2 wheel drive and tank tracks. Well, [jeep2003] has combined both those oddities into one project he calls the Track-Powered 2×2 MiniBike.

As his descriptive project name suggests, this minibike has tracks instead of wheels. The track assemblies originally came off a snow blower. As if just having tracks wasn’t difficult enough, both sets are powered. The back has a straight forward chain and sprocket setup while the front ads in a clever jack-shaft and universal joint contraption which is shown in the video after the break around the 3:08 mark.

Tank Track Mini Bike

[jeep2003] doesn’t say where the tubing for his custom made frame came from, but from the photos available it appears they were once old bicycle frames. The powerplant is a 6.75hp vertical shaft Briggs & Stratton engine. The output shaft connects to a Peerless 5 speed transmission that also has reverse. This transmission usually outputs to two rear drive wheels of a riding lawnmower. [jeep2003] dedicates each axle output from the transmission to power one of the two track systems.

Although this minibike won’t be breaking any land speed records anytime soon, we here at HaD still think it’s a pretty rad build.

18 thoughts on “Tank Track Motorcycle Goes Anywhere, Slowly

  1. The video is kind of sad, all those empty frames means the guy had zero friends that he could talk into being his camera person. And I agree with the first post, if it’s not footage of it climbing a 45 degree dirt hill, why bother.

    1. That’s pretty neat – too bad their website is so crappy that you have to dig for even the most basic of information (like what it does). When will all the noob vendors learn that it’s CONTENT not FLASH that sells a product.

  2. This could be useful for dragging supplies (maybe small shipments of food and firewood) around rough terrain in remote areas, where a 4×4 can’t squeeze through.

    I’d like to know the pulling capacity of this machine.

    1. …and I’d like to know the pulling capacity of this versus the traditional pre-built two wheel drive motorcycle that has been kicking around for a little over fifty years…www.rokon.com. built with the capability of hauling hunting supplies in (and sledges with deer carcasses out) of the woods.

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