Show Us Your Human Interface; Win Laser Cutting Time

Our newest Hot List is Human Interfaces. This is anything you’ve designed into your project to interact with people. And we want to see it all! Do you have something bristling with buttons, boasting many LCD screens, hosting controls organized with the principles of Feng Shui, or intuitively voice activated? Show us the user interface you’re proud of and you could win one of thirty $100 gift cards for Ponoko laser cutting service.

We’re in the thick of judging the Wheels, Wings, and Propellers hot list from this week. We’ll be announcing the rankings in the coming days, but for now you need to get your project onto the Your Human Interface hot list. Here’s what you need to do before Thursday, 7/16/15:

Good luck, and per usually we’d like to encourage you to Vote this week. It’s a great way to explore the entries in this year’s 2015 Hackaday Prize, and you just might win $1000 from the Hackaday Store just for voting!

The 2015 Hackaday Prize is sponsored by:

19 thoughts on “Show Us Your Human Interface; Win Laser Cutting Time

    1. Should be the Time Travel Hotlist. Posted 7/9/15, but lists deadline for entry is before 7/9/15.

      And when [Mike] fixes this, it will result in a temporal paradox in this comment. I hate those.

  1. The deadline, Thursday 7/9/15, is today, which is the day this announcement was posted.

    Give us a break, guys! How about a weekend *at least* to gather some spare time?

    Sheesh! I’m starting to regret paying attention to these interim prizes.

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