Nolan Bushnell And Hackaday On The Latest Episode Of The Tomorrow Show

Back in June when Hackaday attended LA Tech Day I met [Gray Bright]. He’s been a big fan of Hackaday for years and recently started producing and hosting The Tomorrow Show, a Late Night Talk Show focused on Science and Technology. [Gray] invited me on the show to talk about Hackaday and the 2015 Hackaday Prize.

[Gray’s] approach is to view scientists and engineers as the new rock stars. In each episode he invites some of the biggest names from the worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) and conducts a thought-provoking and entertaining interview. There’s a healthy dose of comedy from future correspondent [Ant Simpson] and [SupernoVanGirl], live musical performances, and it’s all filmed in front of a live studio audience.

Tomorrow Show -Nolan Bushnell StandUp

Filming the show in the Hollywood studio on a Friday night in July was a hoot. I was honored that our segment was on the same episode as the legendary engineer and entrepreneur [Nolan Bushnell], founder of Atari and Chuck E. Cheese’s‎. [Nolan] even did an impromptu standup set when there was a short technical delay.

You can watch the full episode (below the fold) to see antics from The Tomorrow Show team, [Nolan’s] anecdotes about the early days of Atari and being [Steve Jobs’] boss, as well as my first TV appearance spreading the word about the Hackaday Prize. It’s also hilarious to see [Nolan] hooked up via electrodes controlling [Gray] to play Brain Pong just like when we toured Backyard Brains last year.

If you’d like to see more of this kind of programming we encourage you to check out the other Tomorrow Show videos and even subscribe to the YouTube Channel. And you can follow Gray on

Lastly, if you’re in the LA area, you should be part of the studio audience for the filming of future episodes. I got to mingle with other special guests like astrobiologist and Yuri’s Night founder [Loretta Whitesides],  [Jens Windau] from AIO Robotics and 3D printing pioneer [Janne Kyttanen], plus [Ed Mason] from GameFaceLabs let us try their ultra-low latency VR headset. There were even a few members in the crowd, and the behind the scenes team was amazing too! It’s a fun night all round.  Thanks for having Hackaday on the Tomorrow Show!

Tomorrow Show - live studio audience

6 thoughts on “Nolan Bushnell And Hackaday On The Latest Episode Of The Tomorrow Show

  1. I thought the… ” Tomorrow Show ” was copyrighted by NBC.

    I was the Audio Mixer Engineer for the… “Tomorrow Show” on the NBC Network hosted by Tom Snyder.

    I wonder if NBC knows or approves of this copyright?

      1. You can definitely trademark a name, and if they are both television productions only one show would be allowed to have the trademark. But if NBC has let their trademark lapse (because the show hasn’t been on for over three decades) then it’s fair game.

    1. Hey thanks @allObjects!!! So glad you like the sketch, it’s actually Ant Simpson’s (the actor in that sketch) Birthday today so I’ll pass on you liked the sketch when I see him later tonight! Thanks for checking it out!

  2. Nolan Bushnell is a rambling idiot? :

    >”How many companies have you started by the time you’re 18? If the answer’s zero, I wouldn’t invest in you,”
    >”I have made so many massive mistakes of ego, I can’t tell you.”

    in same interview

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