Barb Makes Mechanical Pokey Finger With Filament Rivets

We were trolling around, and we stumbled on [Barb]’s video series called (naturally enough) “Barb Makes Things“. The plot of her videos is simple — Barb points a time-lapse camera at her desk and makes stuff. Neat stuff.

Two particularly neat projects caught our attention: a mechanical pointy-finger thing and the useful 3D-printing-filament rivets that she used to make it. (Both of which are embedded below.) The finger is neat because the scissor-like extension mechanism is straight out of Wile E. Coyote’s lab.


But the real winners are the rivets that hold it together. [Barb] takes a strand of filament, and using something hot like the side of a hot-glue gun, melts and squashes the end into a mushroom rivet-head. Run the filament through your pieces, mushroom the other end, and you’re set. It’s so obvious after seeing the video that we just had to share. (Indeed, a lot of cheap plastic toys are assembled using this technique.) It’s quick, removable, and seems to make a very low-friction pivot, which is something that printed pins-into-holes tends not to. Great idea!

We’re just going to say “go check out her YouTube channel” and we figure that’ll take care of most everything else. There’s an excellent bamboo-skewer marble drop, and an automatic six-guitar musical machine, and… You’re still here? Go check out her channel.

11 thoughts on “Barb Makes Mechanical Pokey Finger With Filament Rivets

    1. preface: never done anything with 3d printers, but understand the concepts.

      i don’t believe it’s physically possible to extrude cold filament– i believe most hot ends have a smaller final diameter then the incoming filament to make the heat correctly heat up the filament to extrude it.

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