Learn Some Plastic Techniques With This SNES WiiMote Mod

Not all hacks have to be deeply technical. Sometimes a good show of skill is just as impressive. [lyberty5] takes two completely different hunks of plastic and somehow epoxies them into a convincing and, most impressively, reliable chimera.

While the WiiMote’s motion controls certainly caused a lot of wordy debate on the Internet when it was debuted. While everyone and their grandmother who owned a game company rushed out to copy and out-innovate it once they saw Nintendo’s hoard of dragon gold. Most game designers had other thoughts about the concept, mostly that it wouldn’t do for a platformer. So the gamer caught in the middle of it all had to rotate their grip-optimized rectangle 90 degrees and blister their thumbs on tiny buttons to play.

[lyberty5] remembered a time where controllers were optimized  for human hands to time jumps precisely. If only there was some way to glue that portion of history to the WiiMote! Which is exactly what he did. He cut the top off a SNES controller, borrowed the button portions of the circuit board, soldered, glued, bonded, and generally kludged it together. Skills that could definitely be applied to other projects.

After some painting the new controller works very well. Since the mechanical portions were borrowed from the original hardware it retains that good old school feel. Nicely done. Video after the break.

11 thoughts on “Learn Some Plastic Techniques With This SNES WiiMote Mod

  1. Indeed I learned a lot about plastic techniques with this video. The final result is absolutely cool. My suggestion to the author is to improve his technique of doing wiring at the same level.

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