Have Chainsaw, Will Travel

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you strapped a chainsaw motor to a tricycle? Turns out the worst that happened to [ThisDustin] and his friends is that it turned out hilariously awesome.

This aptly-named ‘chainsawtrike’ isn’t much in the way of comfort, so a pair of foot pegs had to be welded onto the front forks, along with a mount for the chainsaw motor. The rear axle had to be replaced with 5/8″ keyed stock, trimmed to fit the trike wheel and secured with keyed hubs. [ThisDustin] and crew also needed an intermediate sprocket to act as a reduction gear.

After a test that saw the chain jump off the sprockets and working out a few kinks — like the ability to turn — the chainsawtrike  can haul around its rider at a pretty decent clip. Check out the video of it in action after the break.

If you don’t have a chainsaw that you’re willing to convert into a bike engine, perhaps rigging it up to cut planks is more your speed. Or, maybe you need a ridiculous flashlight that only a chainsaw can make possible.

[Thanks for the tip, Itay!]

31 thoughts on “Have Chainsaw, Will Travel

    1. I came here to mention PPPRS. And how I cringed seeing him not wearing pads or a helmet…or have brakes. So much potential road rash.
      PS. Frozen Chainsaw Massacre was a masterpiece of a power wheels car. So many chainsaws burned through, so wonderful.

  1. I wonder if the video where the city is scraping their body parts off the pavement will get as many hits…

    Was anyone else a little nervous when they took off down that street with the oncoming bus?

  2. When I first read the title and opening sentence I was imagining a chainsaw providing propulsion by applying its blade to the road surface. I am simultaneously relieved and disappointed that this was not the case.

  3. Built this back in the days before mini moto’s were common, unbelievable fun especially when the victim was heavily lubricated by alcohol at a private event. Never stupid enough to ride it down public roads shared by traffic though.


      1. here you gotta be under a couple horsepower and have functional pedals, then you can get away with it, at least legally. So rule of thumb is under 50ccs and working pedals and you’re golden

        Finding LEO’s well versed in the legality of Motorized Bicycles (we’re even allowed 3 wheels too) however is a different issue.

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