Holman Is Your Phone’s Best Friend

Let’s get something straight right up front: this isn’t much of an electronics project. But it is a very artistic 3D printing project that contains some electronics. [Sjowett] used an off-the-shelf class D amplifier with BlueTooth input to create a simple BlueTooth speaker with a subwoofer. As you can see from the pictures, woofer is exactly the term to use, too.

The clever mechanical design uses 3D printing and common metric PVC pipe. That’s a great technique and resulted in a very clean and professional-looking build. If you don’t have easy access to metric pipe, you could print the pipes, but it will take longer and might not look quite as good.

In addition to the clever design and the PVC construction, [sjowett] also evaluated a lot of inexpensive amplifiers and has advice on which one to get. In particular, he says that many of the boards he tried didn’t isolate the BlueTooth input from the audio output well enough and there was a noticeable whine into the output audio.

We’ve seen many other speaker projects, but this one has a good “awwww” factor. We’d love to see Homan (the speaker/puppy’s name) sport some sound-reactive lighting, but maybe that’s a future enhancement.

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