Mini Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Takes Moxie In KC

There are no shortage of fantastic and creative Power Racing Series cars, but here’s an especially fun example. [Pete Prodoehl] of Milwaukee Makerspace and his teammates [Kathy Cannistra] and [Kyle White] built a Power Racing car based on the design of the iconic Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

They created the wienie and bun out of fiberglass and foam. Meanwhile, with the KC Maker Faire approaching, the team scrambled to finish the project, with [Kyle] working on assembly while [Pete] tackled the electronics. [Kyle] also proved to be the best wiener rider, with everyone else getting thrown off.

It should be noted that Milwaukee Makerspace got a Moxie bump because a wienermobile is on the PPPRS’s “hit list” of desirable designs. Anyone being the first to create a Top Gun F14, a Mystery Machine, or a non-DeLorean car from Back to the Future gets extra points.

If you like the Power Racing Series, you’ll be able to catch the wienermobile at both Maker Faire Detroit and Maker Faire Milwaukee. Also check out our posts on better racing with Power Wheels and checking a PPPRS car into baggage.

4 thoughts on “Mini Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Takes Moxie In KC

    1. From the 2015 Regulations:

      “2.2.1 | The Charles Guan Clause

      In the preceding section, we described the guidelines for situations that start with hacking apart a ride-on toy car. Sometimes, in rare instances, the types of children ride-on toys that are available don’t fit the style of your preferred vehicle. Perhaps you want to go above and beyond rule bending (see the “I Ain’t Even Mad” Clause, Section 7.2.3). Well, there’s a loophole for you: if your car does not start as a Power Wheel, it must end up as a Power Wheel. So, if you wanted to build a Power Wheels-sized Back to the Future DeLorean from scratch, and you have the time and patience to perfectly craft one on the same scale as the vehicles we currently race, it may be permitted, provided it passes the judgement of the Sanctioning Body, under the “I Ain’t Even Mad” Clause. Please note that your vehicle design will need to be determined legal by the judges and will be subject to scrunity based on quality of build and overall hilarity. In short, this is not a permit to build go-karts. See Section 9.2.1 for some ideas.”

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