Faux Aircon Units, Made Entirely From 2D Cuts

2D design and part fabrication doesn’t limit one to a 2D finished product, and that’s well-demonstrated in these Faux Aircon Units [Martin Raynsford] created to help flesh out the cyberpunk-themed Null Sector at the recent 2018 Electromagnetic Field hacker camp in the UK. Null Sector is composed primarily of shipping containers and creative lighting and props, and these fake air conditioner units helped add to the utilitarian ambiance while also having the pleasant side effect of covering up the occasional shipping container logo. Adding to the effect was that the fan blades can spin freely in stray air currents; that plus a convincing rust effect made them a success.

Fan hubs, showing spots for fan blades to be glued. With the exception of embedded bearings, the entire hub (like the rest of the unit) is made from laser-cut MDF.

The units are made almost entirely from laser-cut MDF. The fan blades are cut from the waste pieces left over from the tri-pronged holes, and really showing off the “making 3D assemblies out of 2D materials” aspect are the fan hubs which are (with the exception of bearings) made from laser-cut pieces; a close-up of the hubs is shown here.

Capping off the project is some paint and the rusted appearance. How did [Martin] get such a convincing rust effect? By using real rust, as it turns out. Some cyanoacrylate glue force-cured with misted water for texture, followed by iron powder, then vinegar and hydrogen peroxide with a dash of salt provided the convincing effect. He was kind enough to document the fake rust process on his blog, complete with photos of each stage.

Null Sector showcased a range of creativity; it’s where this unusual headdress was spotted, a device that also showed off the benefits of careful assembly and design.

9 thoughts on “Faux Aircon Units, Made Entirely From 2D Cuts

  1. “fake air conditioner units helped add to the utilitarian ambiance ” …. really ? didn’t realize that hacker camps have a trailer trash section. Most “normal” folks do not want rusted out JUNK next to their humble homes. What next ? perhaps a rusted out washing machine on the front lawn ? or for the ultimate in redneck-ness, an old Chevy pick up on blocks with the rear bed being used as a “hacked” swimming pool – all on the front lawn of course (need to impress the neighbors !).

  2. Now I’ve got a mental picture of making a bunch of more convincing fake A/C condensers and loading them with something like a dye-pack, to nab copper thieves. Guess wrong about which condensers are real and which are the decoys, get soaked with red paint…

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