Sonic Screwdriver Shuts Off Mains

In the world of Doctor Who, the sonic screwdriver is a versatile tool with a wide range of capabilities. [Hartley] wanted some of that action for himself, and built a device of his own.

Unable to recreate the broad swathe of features from the show, he settled on something easier. The device is fitted with an ATTiny85, and a 433MHz transmitter. It’s programmed to switch wirelessly controlled mains sockets on and off. This lets him control appliances in his house with a flick of a screwdriver. Power is supplied by the classic AA battery, with a boost converter stepping it up to 5V to run the electronics.

It’s all wrapped up in a 3D printed case, that was carefully designed to fit all the parts inside. A paper mockup of the PCB layout was also used in the design phase. [Hartley] took full advantage of CAD software, to ensure everything fit correctly first time.

It’s a fun project, as sonic screwdrivers often are. Video after the break.

9 thoughts on “Sonic Screwdriver Shuts Off Mains

  1. Not having seen the reincarnated series I suppose the props don’t look like they did in the 60-70’s era. Not as many blinkenlights. Why I wonder how many kids today even know what a police box is? Nowadays a portijohn would be more in the vernacular.

    There is a pub in town that has two of those familiar blue boxes for restrooms at the back of the room. At first sight they look normal sized, then two people come out another goes in. They really are bigger on the inside. They are up against the wall with the back cut out into the restrooms behind the wall.

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