Behind Amazon’s Doors Is A Library

Some people love Amazon, while others think it has become too big and invasive. But you have to admit, they build gigantic and apparently reliable systems. Interestingly, they recently released a library of white papers from their senior staff called the Builder’s Library.

According to their blog post:

The Amazon Builders’ Library is a collection of living articles that take readers under the hood of how Amazon architects, releases, and operates the software underpinning and AWS. The Builders’ Library articles are written by Amazon’s senior technical leaders and engineers, covering topics across architecture, software delivery, and operations. For example, readers can see how Amazon automates software delivery to achieve over 150 million deployments a year or how Amazon’s engineers implement principles such as shuffle sharding to build resilient systems that are highly available and fault tolerant.

The Amazon Builders’ Library will continue to be updated with new content going forward.

Right now there are only two topic areas: Architecture and Software Delivery/Operations. There are however a number of papers in each topic. For example, “Challenges with Distributed Systems” gives an overview of best practices for building systems with multiple computers.

Other papers cover things such as leader election, load shedding, and effective caching. Overall, it looks like a lot of interesting reading.

Amazon is into a dizzying array of services these days, ranging from satellite ground stations to oddball ways to deliver your latest coffee mug.

7 thoughts on “Behind Amazon’s Doors Is A Library

    1. Yeah. This isn’t some kind of nice open source contribution, it’s just another calculated way of making more people dependent on their services.

      Break up big tech. We have to. We will immensely regret it if we don’t. They’re so anti-competition, anti-free market, and anti-human.

    1. “His” father? Which “his” are you referring to?
      There are no names in the article above, and the linked blog post only refers to groups that consist of thousands of individuals. And wasn’t that in Vietnam and not the USA?
      Sounds like an awfully made up thing for you to say.

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