Custom Tibia Keyboard For A Leg Up In The Game

[Elite Worm] wrote in to tell us about a cool little keyboard designed to make playing a certain game a whole lot easier. One of the ways you can move your character is with the numpad in directional mode plus Control and Shift, but those are too far apart to drive blindly with one hand. This is all the motivation [Elite Worm] needed to build a custom keyboard with only the essentials.

The keyboard is controlled by an Arduino Pro Micro, which is fairly standard for this type of build — it’s usually that or a Teensy. [Elite Worm] used Cherry MX browns for a nice tactile feel, and added LEDs for a purple-white under-glow. We love the way the printed keycaps turned out, and are impressed because tolerances are notoriously tight for those fruity switch stems.

Starting to think of a few uses for a small custom keypad? This thing is wide open, and [Elite Worm] will even send you the PCB files if you ask nicely. See if you can get past the break without your mouse, and check out the build video while you wait.

Want more flexibility? Just use more switches!

10 thoughts on “Custom Tibia Keyboard For A Leg Up In The Game

  1. Oh God I hated the hacks this game took since it used it’s own incompatible memory management. I remember raising the typematic rate on a system because I couldn’t cram the mouse driver into memory without access to EMS/XMS.

  2. Calling it a “tibia keyboard” along with the apparent “leg up” pun in the title really made me expect a keyboard that lets you operate modifier keys with your leg. I’d heard about the leg bone tibia, but never the game.

  3. Based on the picture at the top (and the video from which it came), I was expecting an abbreviated keyboard with a display attached! I understand this is not the case, but now I’m thinking…

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