Candy Slide Keeps Halloween Spooky And Socially Distant

Pandemic got you down about the prospects for Halloween this year? While you may not be able to do the Monster Mash with all your friends and family, there are plenty of ways to hand out candy while upholding social distancing practices. [WickedMakers] built a spooky six-foot candy slide to help keep their celebration in compliance with the CDC.

Their candy slide is almost entirely made of PVC, plus some gauze to mummify it and make it scarier. It’s essentially a six-foot long section of 3″ tubing supported by two ladders made of 1″ tubing that put the top four feet off the ground and a kid-friendly two feet off the ground at the receiving end. [WickedMakers] did a great job of hiding the PVC-ness of this build. We can’t help but wonder how much harder it would be to make the skeleton put the candy on the slide. Check out the build video after the break.

Need some Halloween headgear? You could always build N95 filter material into an EDM helm to hand out candy. Stay safe out there this year, and remember: always check your Halloween candy for malicious payloads.


7 thoughts on “Candy Slide Keeps Halloween Spooky And Socially Distant

      1. After directly firing it from your facial orifices, the next best way the virus ‘could’ be spreading, is via materials handed by one person, and then another person….

        Especially when said materials are handled and then your gripping function devices make contact with said orificies.

  1. Hmm, one of the nice things about Halloween is seeing all the folks dressed in costumes.
    I think we could use some automatic Halloween-cam setups this year. Perhaps something like an iPad with camera motion-sensing to activate the screen and ask folks to pose and say “Trick or Treat”, then AI used to detect them saying that in order to take the picture. Maybe throw up some scary images while waiting for the next visitors.

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