New Contest: Earth Day Challenge

The Earth Day Challenge is now under way! Spin up your take on an Earth-Day-themed electronics project and you’ll be in the running for one of the three $200 shopping sprees at Digi-Key, who are sponsoring this contest.

Gutters to Gardens is a great project example; using a rain barrel and solar panel for off-grid automation.

This is all about raising awareness for environmental protection. You might considered something as direct as measuring and plotting air quality data, or as abstract as weighing your home’s recycling bin and garbage bin and making a game out of generating less waste in general, and boosting your recycling-to-landfill ratio. Find an application that can be moved from grid-power to solar power, or build a carbon-savings counter that calculates the impact you have when choosing your bike over a car. The coolest projects are the ones that make us all think in new ways.

In addition to those $200 prizes for the top three projects, there are $50 Tindie gift cards for the twelve most artistically presented projects. Digi-Key is looking for great images to include in a wall calendar for 2022.

Pop over to to start your entry today. Don’t forget to use the “Submit project to:” drop-down box on the left sidebar of your project page to make sure it’s considered in the contest. You must have your entry in by April 19th!

6 thoughts on “New Contest: Earth Day Challenge

    1. Well if it’s a 55 gallon barrel, at 3.8 litres per gallon, and 2.2 pounds per litre… then about 2.1 x 10^5 grams

      If you flick through the project gallery, in the pic with the tomatoes it looks more like it’s square section steel, so probably okay if it’s painted well enough to fend off the tinworm.

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