Skull Lamp Illuminates The Cyberpunk Future

A prosthetic eye anodized green around the edges with a yellow and blue "iris" surrounding an LED center.

Cyberpunk is full of characters with cool body mods, and [bsmachinist] has made a prosthetic eye flashlight (TikTok) that is both useful and looks futuristic. [via Reddit]

[bsmachinist] has been machining titanium prosthetic eyes for over five years now, and this latest iteration, the Skull Lamp, has a high brightness LED that he says is great for reading books at night as well as any other task you might have for a headlamp. Battery life is reported as being 20 hours, and the device is switched by passing a magnet (Instagram) near the prosthetic.

We love seeing how prosthetics have advanced in the last few years with the proliferation of advanced tools for makers. Some other interesting prosthetics we’ve covered are this DIY Socket for Prosthetics with a built-in charger and power supply and several different prosthetic projects for kids including these Heroic Prosthetics by Open Bionics, the E-Nable Alliance, and a Kid Who Designed his Own Prosthetic.


A brief demonstration of my Titanium Cyborg Eye as a flashlight! #technology #eyes #flashlight #led #prostheticeye #prosthetics #ocularprosthetics #oneeyegang #oneeye #cyborg #cyborgeye #cyberpunk #cyberpunkedgerunners

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11 thoughts on “Skull Lamp Illuminates The Cyberpunk Future

    1. I’m pretty sure he’s still using primary cells based on looking through his Instagram and TikTok while I was writing this article. I think rechargeable sounds like something he’s planning for “future work,” but it’s just swapping batteries for now if I understand it correctly.

  1. Might be useful for getting rid of annoying door-to-door pastors. Use red or RGB LED with red out, and have it glow red when they come. They’ll crap themselves and blacklist the house permanently.

    1. maybe it would work one some, but likely not the JW. Those can actually be sent to whoever you want, there is a form on their website if one wants them to visit. JW swatting. As gift surprise on a Sunday morning, works great.

  2. Hi I’m Joey, I’m 9. I lost my eye to retinoblastoma too. Are these for sale? It’s so cool and I wanted to design these when I’m older but you’ve already done it! If we sent my last prosthetic as a template?

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