A LEGO Camera You Just Might Own Yourself

A camera makes for an interesting build for anyone, because it’s an extremely accessible technology that can be made from materials as simple as cardboard. More robust cameras often require significant work, but what if you could make a usable camera from LEGO? It’s a project taken on by [Zung92], who hasn’t simply made a working 35 mm camera from everyone’s favorite construction toy — he’s also managed to make it exude retro style. Best of all, you can vote for it on the LEGO Ideas website, and you might even get the chance to have one for yourself.

Frustratingly there’s little in the way of in-depth technical detail on the Ideas website, but he does mention that it was a challenge to make it light proof. Even the lens is a LEGO part, and if diffraction-based photography isn’t for you there’s also a pinhole option. We look forward to seeing this camera progress, and we hope we’ll see it advance to becoming a LEGO Ideas kit.

This is an extremely polished design, but surprisingly, it’s not our first LEGO camera.

Thanks [Michael] for the tip.

6 thoughts on “A LEGO Camera You Just Might Own Yourself

      1. Yes, it is doable, it is called zone plate. It is set of concentric rings that focus light using diffraction and interference. Photographs are blurry, it is not comparable with refraction lenses, but it gives interesting artistic effect.
        But in this case editor probably meant to say refraction-based.
        BTW Interesting camera, looks really nice. I hope it gets to production as Ideas kit.

          1. Amazing images, considering that they are taken with plastic toy magnifier, that was designed as a decorative piece, not as a real lens. Lens flare might be reduced with a black paper tube inside lens, just to reduce internal reflections.

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