DIY Square Guitar Is Anything But

One of the greatest things about this place is how y’all constantly feed off of each other. And while this isn’t exactly an example of that, it’s pretty darn close — we feature a square guitar build one day, and get a tip about another way different and perhaps more functional one the next.

[Craig Lindley] had no idea of his luthier powers until an email from StewMac inspired him to build his own guitar. Rather than strip a perfectly good axe or two for all the parts, he bought the hardware and a pre-made neck, and built the body himself. The Bo Diddley-inspired boxy body is an ice cream sandwich of sapele, inlaid with white ash around the perimeter which is quite the classy look. Speaking of looks, [Craig] worried that all-gold hardware would be too flashy, but we think it looks great.

Not hard-mode enough for you? Well, here’s a guitar made from scratch, (more or less). If you’d rather have more of a teaching guitar, behold this LED-laden axe.

Android 4.0 On Raspberry Pi

The folks over at the Raspberry Pi foundation are showing off their latest wares. This time around it’s Android 4.0 running on the Raspberry Pi. Although this is a pre-release announcement, it sounds like the work is rather far along. Hardware acceleration for video playback is in place, but there are still some audio issues that need to be fixed before it will be ready.

We know the foundation isn’t the first one to pull this kind of thing off. Look around and you can see some other proof-of-concept videos¬†which show Ice Cream Sandwich running on the board in one stage or another. But the demo from the video after the break gives us hope that rock solid support is just around the corner. After all, Netflix runs on Android and so does XBMC.¬†Both running on the RPi brings the device one step closer to the holy grail of dirt cheap and mostly-open set top boxes. The one thing we haven’t seen yet is the killer control method for the device. If you’ve got one up your sleeve you should post some details and send us the link.

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