FPGA Mandelbrot Fractal Engine


[Mike Field] has always been interested in the Mandelbrot Set since he first read about it back in the ‘80s. Having coded it on a Commodore VIC20 back int he day, he always returned to the Mandelbrot set when he wanted to try out some new programming technology.

He wanted to delve deeper into the world of FPGAs, so [Mike] figured the best way to do so would be to use one to program a Mandelbrot fractal engine. He started out with a goal of creating a 640×480 Mandelbrot display, but over time, he found that he could push his Nexus 2 FPGA to 800×600. He didn’t stop there, and after tweaking a few things, he was amazed to find that he could push a 1024×768 display from the small board.

He kept a pretty detailed log as he went along, should you be interested in trying your hand at the process as well. Though there is no video of the FPGA in action, there are a few cool pictures showing off his handiwork.