Mutant Lab Halloween Extravaganza


Take a tour of the Mutex laboratories, where mutants are made and nothing could possibly ever go wrong. [Steve] directed us to these videos of the Halloween set up he did with his son this year. Neighbor kids got to go on an action packed tour where mutants break free from their cages and have to be neutralized with special ray guns. Wow, why didn’t this guy live near us when we were kids? Check out a behind the scenes walk through with some good technical stuff after the break.


The neutralization guns are made using old IR remotes and detected by USB-UIRT receivers. Many of the effects were controlled by Phidgets. After all the mayhem, the kids can get a tally of how well they did in the mutant neutralization.

4 thoughts on “Mutant Lab Halloween Extravaganza

  1. That’s awesome, I’m glad to see there are still neighborhoods where the rampant government sponsored paranoia about poison candy and pedophiles hasn’t ruined halloween entirely.

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