GameBoy Color In A TI-83


[Mark] had a broken TI-83 graphing calculator and an overwhelming urge to play Pokemon in math class. The solution to his predicament, obviously, is to hack a GameBoy color into the body of his TI-83. He gutted the calculator and connected the front buttons to the contacts on the GameBoy. After some cramming and taping bits together, he got it all working. Now he just needs to find a way to make the cartridge a little bit less conspicuous.

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16 thoughts on “GameBoy Color In A TI-83

  1. Well,in fact,if u have a working TI-83 u could just install the a software and run a TI version of super mario or any game u’d want,without breaking it apart so it’s still working as a math calculator and if memory is a concern for you,just solder a flash sd card to the memory connectors inside your TI and you’ll have up to waht now..8gig of gameboy thing? and so on,they make fun chat system too to talk by a tiny wire to everyone connected to it ^^

  2. I still don’t understand why they bother spending the money and time teaching kids to use TI calcs.
    My highschool’s grade 10 class(required math class for graduation) had a heavy emphasis on teaching us how to do basic things (such as find a x intercept), so really whats the point?

    Most will never use them ever again, and if so, end up relearning since they forgot.

    This is a good hack though for the people who don’t want to sit and wait while others struggle figuring out how to input a function.

  3. unless they got the stuff the teacher was saying the first time and are waiting for everyone else to catch up for the 15th time. math class was generally nap time for me since I didn’t have any toys to hack back then.

  4. Yah this hack could have been cooler maybe figure out a way to get the gameboy to emulate some of the calculator functions.
    Maybe load gameboy basic on a super cart yes someone made a basic interpreter for the game boy.

    Heck they even have c tools for it.

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