Wiimote Controlled Hexapods


The Phoenix is a very impressive hexapod robot platform. It has 18 servos which gives each leg 3 degrees of freedom and a BasicAtom Pro 28 for the brains. Interestingly, the design started as a personal project of a forum member on the Lynxmotion forums. It turned out so well, it has become an actual product. We’ve seen videos of these before and they always have some pretty fluid and organic seeming motion. They seem almost alive in this configuration. The only thing that might make them scarier would be to add Lou Vega’s decapitated head, well maybe that plus some really nice face tracking. In the video above, you can see where someone paired one up with a Wiimote for a pretty intuitive control scheme. Yeah, we realize the video is nearly a year old, how did we miss this one? You can see a video of it walking around after the break, and another controlled by a ps2 controller.


The following one seems a bit quicker on it’s feet.

8 thoughts on “Wiimote Controlled Hexapods

  1. That is creepy. By far, the most realistic/fluid arachnoid/crab movement I’ve yet seen in a robot.

    I’d swear that thing was alive, if I couldn’t see the wires & servos. That is really extremely impressive movement ability the thing has!

    Now to load it with acid needles, and send them after tom selek! Bwahahaha!

  2. Why don’t either of the larger hexapods move very fast? Is it because of the speed/power of the servos or something? They move so smoothly and that second one (based on the ant) has such articulated movements that I was awestruck when I saw it, but they move at a snail’s pace. Just wondering if anyone knows what’s stopping the designer from making these move at a faster speed.

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