Felix’s Machines

Ok, we know you’re going to get mad, there’s virtually no information on the technical side. But the music was so pleasant, and that’s rare.  There’s an interview with Felix, the creator, where he discusses his goals and ideas behind the project. We prefer just to sit and watch though. If you want to make something similar, there were some technical details on a mechanical drum recently.

[Thanks Hash]

17 thoughts on “Felix’s Machines

  1. A for performance value. I love the tones and as garyc said, the visual effect of the LEDs are great. Well done. Now, if he could just do a writeup on the wiring/control system.

  2. excellent. however this needs to be mic’ed better, and he should have used a really soft light to record this. it’s really hard to make out some of the stuff in there with all the hard shadows.

  3. That’s beautiful. I can’t be angry, and I can’t live up to my name.
    I’m glad you pointed out the interview though, I’d never have found it if you just linked to their homepage.

  4. I certainly hope no one claims this isn’t a hack, though I do yearn for details… Also, “early stages of development” my ass, it seems pretty functional to me.

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