Server Enclosure From 22 Rolls Of Tape

Who needs metal, wood, or acrylic if you are talented with duct tape? This server is housed in a 20-sided enclosure made entirely of duct tape, 22 rolls of it. A team of seven completed the project after eight build session over the course of about ten days. It’s currently in use at this year’s MillionManLan 9 as confirmed by this incredibly boring live feed.

However whimsical, we do appreciate the build process. Tubes are rolled until they reach the specified thickness, then cut to length on a chop saw. More sticky stuff is applied to the joints and piece by piece the frame comes together. From the diagram laying off to the side in one of the pictures it looks like they did the smart thing by designing this in CAD before getting their hands dirty sticky.

32 thoughts on “Server Enclosure From 22 Rolls Of Tape

  1. what a waste of time and effort to just do something that is “cool” and not one bit innovative. Thats one thing that I hate about hacks. Most people do some just because it is possible, but very create something new that has actual value to it.

  2. Some people have too much time on their hands or like D&D waay too much. I think this would have been cooler if it was made out of aluminum and had water cooling flowing through the peaks.

    Hmm, wish I could see it in person. Not going though even though I live here in Louisville. Anyone else here in Louisville or going to MML9?

  3. 22 rolls, each cost ~ 3$, so 3$*22 = 66$ you can buy real case with will not fry motherboard from static and will not mess RF spectrum around, also it will not become all sticky and collect small crap on it surface

  4. when did this site’s commenters stop viewing hacks as doing something creative with materials they have and start being a list of different ways to complain about other people’s work? Sure, it may not be the most effective computer case around, but isn’t using acrylic just as bad in terms of ESD and lack of RF filtering? Those were pretty popular a few years ago and i never heard anybody whine about them. I for one think this is awesome simply because it’s made out of duct tape and has a rigid frame. Also, it looks like it gets pretty good airflow…

  5. Meh.

    If this was presented as part of a group of cases made from non-standard materials it would at least have some kind of context.

    However they didn’t just make a YouTube video of themselves setting something on fire in one way or another, so there is that at least.

    I think it will degrade to unsuitability for use over time, maybe a short time.

  6. This was lame the video stream was boring they then went to chat roulet… me and csver saw this and dontlike it much they got a vent server too and didnt give me a ip THEY IGNORED us i thumbs down this

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