A Personal Manufacturing Stack Exchange

Over on Stack Exchange, there’s a proposal for a new CNC/3D printer site. It’s a personal manufacturing stack exchange, and hopefully we’ll see some awesome discussion when it’s eventually created.

Stack Exchange is already well-known for hosting the most useful programming site as well as awesome sites/forums covering everything from LaTeX to grammar. The proposed Personal Manufacturing site is sure to provide a ton of advice and discussion covering the hardware, software, electronics, and toolchains of CNC routers, RepRaps and mills.

The personal manufacturing stack exchange hasn’t been created yet – a few more people still need to commit to use it. Once that’s done, though, we’re sure to see a lot of very helpful advice and discussion from the Stack Exchange community.

Kudos to [Michael] for sending this in.

6 thoughts on “A Personal Manufacturing Stack Exchange

    1. Shapeways is a company that makes 3D prints, laser cutouts and CNC cutouts for you.

      Stackexchange is a social network for amateurs and professionals that need help with their projects. There’s a stackexchange for programming, social media and so on and this is a proposed new site for CNC/3D printing.

      It is not a commercial production service.

  1. Why only CNC and not manual machining? That’s how “personal manufacturing” has been done for like 100 years before CNC came around, let alone 3D printers. Tons of people have manual lathes, mills and whatnot.

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