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[Glen] built this shiny party machine out of a pretty sad-looking scooter. We’d bet you’re wondering why we think it’s a party machine when it looks so common? The only real giveaway in this photo is the custom exhaust, but hidden in the body of the beast is 720 Watts of party power plus a whole bunch of extras.

When he gets where he’s going, [Glen] parks his ride and lifts up the seat to unfold the entertainment. Attached to the underside of the saddle is a 720 Watt audio amplifier. It drives one big speaker under the seat, as well as two tweeters and two mid-range speakers that were fitted into the front console. But these days a party isn’t a party without some video, and that’s why you’ll also find a 7-inch LCD screen suspended from the upright seat. Tunes and videos are supplied by an iPod touch up front, or the PC he built into the ride. All it’s missing is a gaming console!


18 thoughts on “Pimp My Scooter

    1. I actully have 2 batteries in this scooter with a 11 pole stator it holds up quite well at the moment the pc has a 12v adaper so it all works quite well. The speakers all work out to just under 700w and i cn play it full blast without damaging the speakers.

  1. I’m not sure what the power output of one of those stators is, but lead acid batteries take forever to charge. Maybe he could put a few ultracaps in parallel with the battery to reclaim the spent energy in shorter rides. They charge up nice and fast and trickle charge the battery when it’s off. That’s what I’ve got in my motorcycle.

    1. I’m kind of interested in what you’re describing… is there a write-up anywhere on the web about this?
      I’ve got an old 60s bike with 6V electrics, and any help it could have would be nice.

      1. If you dig around a little you can find videos of people starting cars and large diesel engines with ultracapacitor banks, though the videos are really not more useful than showing it works. I wasn’t able to find any instances of a person using capacitors in their motorcycles, though. (with the exception of people replacing their batteries with small-ish capacitors for keeping the bike on after kick starting)
        It’s a very simple process though. If you have a 6v battery and a few 2.5v ultracaps, you can wire three of them in series to get a 7.5v bank, and pop it in to your bike either replacing or supplementing your battery. Since the bank is rated to 7.5v and you only need 6, you don’t really have to worry about balancing voltages on individual cells.
        This has a lot of advantages:
        Lead acid batteries take a long time to charge, so a quick jaunt around town won’t be enough to restore the energy spent from starting and it’ll die pretty quickly. These caps charge faster than the vehicle can recharge them, so you reclaim the charge in much less time.
        Capacitors are much less sensitive to temperature than lead acids, so while you might be stuck at home on a chilly day because you’re battery’s failing, the caps will dutifully supply about as much current a it would mid-summer.
        If your caps are dead and your battery isn’t charged enough to crank, you need only wait until the battery slowly charges the caps, at which point the capacitors will be able to deliver as much current as usual.

  2. Perhaps it’s just the camera, but that is the worst quality vehicle audio I have ever seen…heard.

    My 50w speaker backpack seems louder and clearer than that 750w system.

    1. The bad quality is due to the fone i used to take the vid a bb 8520 il be taking a new vid with a decent camera as soon as i get one everything is waterproofed seat is sealed front speakers are sealed and pc is sealed no water gets in even after a rain storm.

  3. kudos for trying, but it pains me to see speakers installed incorrectly. they need to be enclosed in order to throw any sort of decent sound.

    personally i’d use the scooter as a portable power station. the quiet little motor might make a great generator with which to power a real sound system.

    1. It looks like he does add some kind enclosure later on, after the first bit of video of the system in action but there’s no way to tell from the crappy video how good the sound is anyway. Also scooter motor and quiet are words I have never before heard in the same sentence! Although being a 150cc it’s probably a lot better than the screeching 50s that buzz around my local town…

  4. Of course it’s impossible to judge the quality of audio over the internet. Still today HiFi component specs need to be taken with that proverbial grain of salt. Always a new generation to mislead, before they learn that. Should have given the junior hackers a may not be parent approved, and reduce the volume. Then again they may have gotten the turn off that shit order long before their parent’s virgin ears heard all the fornicating talk. May have been a fun build, but in many places it’s use limited because it may not be neighbor friendly.

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