How To Watch Your Own Videos On A Plane: Barf Bag

Air travellers take note, [Asthmaticatom] figured out how to comfortably watch your own videos on the plane. We know you always have your phone with you, now you just need to find a barf bag. A little bit of papercraft turns the waste disposal device into a neat little hanging dock.

The bag in the image above is actually upside down. A rectangle the same size as your phone’s screen is ripped out of the top. The metal clasp used to seal the top of the bag is rolled up to hold the phone securely in place. The bottom of the sack has a flap which acts as a one-way catch. When it is shoved into the crevice on top of the monitor it holds the whole thing in place.

Of course we don’t remember ever having been on a plane where there was a monitor in the seat in front of us, but perhaps we’re just buying tickets on the wrong airlines.

[via Reddit]

31 thoughts on “How To Watch Your Own Videos On A Plane: Barf Bag

  1. I’ve only been on one airline that did that, and that was an international flight to and from Switzerland. Air Swiss I believe.

    Never seen the screens on a domestic flight(within the US)

    1. Major Turkish airways routes, all the IST/LHR routes anyways.

      Alot of star alliance I guess. More to do with the plane than the airline really.

      Many now have USB and ethernet so you can plug in a USB device and watch via their (piss poor screens) or charge your phone and watch it on there.

      The guy infront will thank you for using your capacitve screen rather than jogging their seat trying to use the resistive screens!

  2. Interesting approach.

    And for international flights (or possibly coast-to-coast flights on larger planes like Boing 757) it is custom for each seat to have their own monitor where they can usually select between various TV shows, multiple movies and other stuff. Try cramming a couple of hundred people in a plane for 10 or more hours, you really want them to pick their own program ;-)

  3. I don’t remember last time I flew long haul without having a tv in the seat in front of me…

    Usually though I watch what they have as its pretty good selection, if not this would be handy…

  4. Fly Virgin America sometime. That’s definitely a Virgin plane in the photos, it’s exactly like the one we’ve flown from SFO to JFK for the three Maker Faires in NYC. You can order drinks and food from the screen too, look at the plane’s location on a map, buy on demand movies, watch the Bears game, etc.

  5. I must be wierd, as I have the strength to hold my phone. Who are all these ethopians that have no energy to hold a phone or ipad for more than a few minutes at a time…

    Stewardess, can I please have a cracker, I dont have the strength to hold my phone any longer….

  6. This is perfect – my Mom works for an airline and I get all the sick sacks I can, uh, use.

    We should have a contest on how to use them.

    Are you thinkin what I’m thinkin? Arduino powered sick sack!

  7. Wow this is depressing. When I see my stuff getting rejected from HaD I feel upset but nothing major. When I see a paper bag being cut up and stuffed into a seat being featured, it makes me think that my stuff must be REALLY shit.

    1. Never give up! Sure, your blinking LED Arduino with a temperature logger and web interface sounds fancy but where’s the style? We can’t all be sick bag phone holder inventors you know!

      1. Wow, finding out that peoples hacks get rejected and this is being posted really makes me start to not like this site anymore. I have been going to this site for longer than I can remember. Many, many years. Lately you have been posting non hacks now I learn you reject genuine articles for this crap. Just because you guys didn’t think of it doesn’t mean it is impressive to anyone else. The grammar is bad to the point of confusion at times, non hacks, rejecting better articles. It feels like you guys are just phoning it in now.

  8. Sometimes folks don’t take the time to read and jump straight in.

    The article has a title of ‘How to watch your own videos on a plane’ note the use of *own*. To all the people that informed us that this airline and that airline have a monitor, how do you watch your *own* videos on it. Simple, you can’t.

    I have a dock that I put my phone in (it allows me to place the device either landscape or portrait) so don’t need the bag but if I ever forget my dock it is a simple use of, at hand, material.

    1. You must be the one who jumped in without reading because no one has said anything along the lines of what you’re bitching about.

      What people were pointing out is that the author, Mike Szczys, must not have flown any reasonable distance in the last 5 years or so because nearly all long distance planes have these entertainment monitors built into seats now days.

      Not only that but some planes DO now allow you to plugin your own usb stick to play your own videos and look at holiday snaps.

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