Scary Putin Guards Your Stash

If anyone tries to take anything from this coin bank they’re going to have to brave the creepy looks that [Vladimir Putin] gives them. That’s because [Overflo] rigged up the wall hanging to react when you approach it. It’s all in the eyes, which open and turn red based on your proximity to the picture frame.

The frame itself is the ugliest thing [Overflo] could find at Ikea. He spray painted it gold and added an image of [Putin] with a zany background. At rest [Vlad] has his eyes closed. But the lids are connected to a servo motor to pull against the spring that keeps them shut. An infrared proximity sensor is used to trigger the eyelids when you get relatively close, but if you reach out your hand it will even light up the red LEDs hidden in the pupils of the eyes. See a demonstration of the setup in the video after the break.

26 thoughts on “Scary Putin Guards Your Stash

    1. Not -this vertical camera BS BS again.
      Crappy comment.

      Does it really matter if the vid is horizontal or vertical? The point of the article is the HACK, not his video editing skills. Please come back when you can comment on the actual project and not criticize the video.

    1. “hack”


      Cut with rough or heavy blows.
      Ride a horse for pleasure or exercise.


      A rough cut, blow, or stroke.
      A writer or journalist producing dull, unoriginal work: “a hack scriptwriter”.
      A board on which a hawk’s meat is laid.

  1. Maybe Anna was the bait to get Nemtsov into position where he could be “taken out” as a lesson to the dissidents in Vlad’s socialist paradise. It is called a “honey trap” in some circles. It was good shooting with a pistol; 4 rounds out of 7 into the target with no collateral casualties. Not an amateur job.

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