Unorthodox GoPro Camera Rigs Produce Unreal Videos

For a workshop at the ECAL University of Art and Design in Switzerland, students were asked to come up with new unorthodox ways to capture video using a GoPro camera. The results are pretty awesome.

Lead by the Dutch designer [Roel Wouters], students in the Media & Interaction Design program worked together with Industrial Design students to create these fascinating camera rigs. From “the eye”, a water based stabilizing ball, to a silly bobble hat can be spun around the user, the results are super fun and unique to watch. The workshop was one week long and produced five different camera rigs as featured in the following video.

The video reminds us of this most excellent GoPro Slingshot that we featured last year! And if you’re not crazy about throwing your GoPro, you can always make a sliding time lapse rig, or even a panning mount to catch bad drivers on the road!

[via MAKE]

15 thoughts on “Unorthodox GoPro Camera Rigs Produce Unreal Videos

  1. The eyeball could use some wetting agent to kill the water spots and drops.
    More dux. Dabbling in the lens.
    I did not see any B/W, but I agree. It’s like recording on 78’s.

  2. The Eye is sorta interesting, tho I have something similar that I bought like twenty years ago that was a replica of a cage that I was told at the time they used on ships over a hundred years ago to keep candles from falling over in rough seas. I will give them theirs appears to be 100% more waterproof :P

    I’m half tempted to dig it out of its box and roll it around the yard but sadly I do not have a GoPro to slap in it :P

  3. It’s OK, I don’t have much imagination either.
    But on the other hand.. I don’t get complimented and sponsored for it…

    I’ve seen countless better efforts by non-art people.

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