Hat-Mounted Clock Requires Mirror For Wearer To Tell Time

GPS Clock Hat

[gfish] was planning on attending Burning Man and wanted to make something unique (and useful) to wear. He decided on a hat/clock hybrid. Just slapping a clock on a hat would be too easy, though. [gfish] wanted his hat to change time zones both via manual switches or physical location.

On the front of the hat there are 2 hands, as most clocks have. Each one is attached to one of two concentric shafts that run to the back of the hat. Each hand is individually controlled by an RC vehicle servo. Those of you familiar with RC servos know that a servos’ max rotation is about 180 degrees and is certainly not enough for a full revolution required by the clock. To fix this, there is a 3:1 gear set that allows a 120 degree rotation of the servo to move the clock hand a full 360 degrees. With this method, each hand can’t move past 12 and instead has to quickly move counter-clockwise to get where it needs to be in order to again start its journey around the clock face.

Mounted inside the hat there is an Arduino that controls the clock, a GPS shield to determine location and an RTC to maintain accurate time. Mounted on the side of the hat is a control panel that contains an overall on/off switch as well as a rotary switch for selecting a specific timezone or for engaging GPS mode. The whole thing is powered by a 9 volt battery.

If you like unnecessarily complicated top hats, check out this WiFi enabled message displaying one.

13 thoughts on “Hat-Mounted Clock Requires Mirror For Wearer To Tell Time

    1. A 9 volt PP3 battery has about 500 mAh in it. A reasonably low power GPS pulls about 20-25 mA and the Arduino wants about the same. Say 50 mA in total giving 10 hours runtime. Then reduce that time a bit for (hopefully) infrequently driving the servos. So maybe 7-8 hours which is not too bad.

  1. I love it! You know, since Burning Man’s physical layout is sorta based on a clock (i.e., I once camped at 8:30 and Esplanade with the Mondo Spider guys), it could have a gps mode where the clock displays your current playa address / location.

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