Weather Word Clock Warns You Of Impending Winter

Word clocks are pretty popular “artsy” ways of telling time, but [doktorinjh] wanted to try something a little different. So instead of showing the time — it shows the weather.

He’s using an Arduino Yun to access the Weather Underground API for data and then sends the data out to a grid of 100 individually addressable RGB LEDs — NeoPixels to be precise. The LEDs are overlayed with a laser cut acrylic sheet with various words and weather icons to allow for a pretty specific depiction of current (or future) weather conditions.

The frame is made out of colonial style molding and since it’s a weather clock, he turned the grid of LEDs into a rainbow effect, because, why not?

He’s got more photos and a build log in his photo album, which you could use to create your own.

As far as word clocks go, we’re quite partial to this entirely laser cut one, and we have to give mention to what is probably the world’s smallest word clock as well!

3 thoughts on “Weather Word Clock Warns You Of Impending Winter

    1. Well I just realised thatit is going to be on sale for $599. Altough it’s “Not Just Weather, But ART” (and you can charge anything for ART), I really do hop that the reatil versionwill be a bit less messy, better organised internally and for that much money you might want to rethink the “pieces of copier paper as diffusor hotglued to an acrylic coutout” and the “random bits of cardboard for separators” concept and please, try to come up with a more uniform font size.

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