Weather-aware Shoe Rack Helps You Get Ready For The Day

If you’re anything like us, your complete shoe collection consists of a pair of work boots and a pair of ratty sneakers that need to wait until the next household haz-mat day to be retired. But some people have a thing for shoes, and knowing which pair is suitable for the weather on any given day is such a bother. And that’s the rationale behind this Raspberry Pi-driven weather-enabled shoe rack.

The rack itself is [zealen]’s first woodworking project, and for a serious shoeaholic it’s probably too small by an order of magnitude. But for proof of principle it does just fine. The rack holds six pairs, each with an LED to light it up. A PIR sensor on the top triggers the Raspberry Pi to light up a particular pair based on the weather, which we assume is scraped off the web somehow. [zealen] admits that the fit and finish leave a bit to be desired, but for a first Rasp Pi project, it’s pretty accomplished. There’s plenty of room for improvement, of course – RFID tags in the shoes to allow them to be placed anywhere in the rack springs to mind.

[via r/raspberry_pi]

8 thoughts on “Weather-aware Shoe Rack Helps You Get Ready For The Day

  1. Shouldn’t there be sensors, to check which pairs might be wet from previous use (such as rain , or falling in the pond), so those won’t be selected?

    And for the larger scale shoe collection, keep track of when a pair was last used, and make sure the more dormant pairs get into circulation?

    Or a randomizer that takes weather and use into effect, but adds some randomness to add variety?


  2. OK. My Shoe rack needs to tell me how the weather will look like because im F*CKING RETARDED to not look at my cellphone to see what to expect during the day…

    And guess what. I will forget my umbrella if it’s not located near the shoes…

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