LED Bulb-shade Cityscapes

Cost-effective LED lighting for your home has opened up many doors for more efficient living, but also some more creative illumination for your living space. If you want to bring the dazzle of city lights right into your home, [David Grass] has two projects to sate this desire in perhaps the most literal way possible: Huddle and Stalaclights.

These clever, 3D printed bulbshades are possible since LEDs emit very little heat, and can be printed in a variety of designs. Huddle is named for — and illustrates — humanity’s coalescing into cities as the centre of modern life from which most of our information and technology emits. Stalaclights offers an inverted perspective on the straining heights of skyscrapers and is inspired by the Art Deco era and the expansion of cities like New York and Chicago.


[Grass] — in bringing the technological achievement of the modern city closer to awareness with these projects — hopes to draw attention to the problems of urban life and how they can be addressed in a sustainable way. The combination of efficient LED bulbs and art is perhaps a low-impact manner of achieving this.

In the age of 3D printing, designing art and enabling attachment parts — even for light bulbs, apparently — takes only some imagination and accessibility. If you lack a 3D printer and there’s no maker space nearby, take matters into your own hands and check out our short guide on how to set up one of your own.

[via This Is Colossal. Thanks for the tip, Itay Ramot!]

Stalaclights All

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