Litter Basket Automation

Sometimes the technology part of a project isn’t the hard part. It is having an idea for something both useful and doable. Sure, a robot butler that would do your cleaning and laundry would be useful, but might be out of reach for most of us. On the other hand, there’s only so many use cases for another blinking LED.

[Martinhui] knows how to use an ultrasonic sensor with an Arduino. Driving a motor isn’t that hard, either. The question is: what do you do with that? [Martin’s] answer: Automate a trash can. You can see a video of the result, below.

You can find commercial versions of this, of course, but what fun is that? The can is a bit small, but a larger motor or a different mechanical design could scale it up easily.

As robotic trash cans go, this isn’t that ambitious, but it is highly doable. If only it connected to the Internet.

9 thoughts on “Litter Basket Automation

    1. Indeed. LDR, single transistor control, monostable time delay, relay, regular DC motor (All that’s needed is bang bang opening not stepper motor.) stall it, who cares, and if gravity isn’t enough to return the lid, add spring…

      … granted that version could not be developed into a thrust vector control for a leaf blower hovercraft, but if you’re just trying to open a garbage can lid when you get near it you can get a lot simpler.

  1. A lid on an indoor trash can is silly C-O crap. If there is wet garbage in it let it dry out to stop odors. I assumed that the trash can would not open when full and it would motor out to the toter open the lid and dump into it. If you think the contents are unsightly, get a taller can and don’t fill it to the top.
    I remove lids on indoor toilets to, just like in a restroom. Seat normal, left up. Clean.

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